Mixed Nuts Salted Econo Breakfast with Dried Fruit.


  1. Place two desert spoons  of oats into a bowl, for this recipe, I would recommend  use the following Bestnut dried mango,apple,papaya cubes and pineapple cubes. They add a great flavour to the Greek yoghurt.

    Take two tablespoons of fresh organic Greek plain yoghurt  and mix it in with oats. Once you have mixed your oats and yoghurt together. Add in the Mixed Nuts you can take a rolling pin and crush them if you wish.

    Now the fun begins you can chop up some fresh strawberries and place on top then pour on honey or chocolate.

    This part you decided how much you want to go mad or just put a few drops.


2 desert spoons of fresh oats

Small handful of each of the following ingredients

Bestnut dried mango

Bestnut dried apple

Bestnut dried Papaya cubes

Bestnut dried pineapple cubes

2 tablespoons of organic Greek plain yoghurt

1 handful or 1 cup of mixed nuts salted econo with (peanuts)

2 fresh strawberries

Honey or chocolate

Recipe by:
Darryl van Wyk (Bestnut)